***You know, the dreams you’ve always had but never achieved because you’re too busy/old/broke/lazy/(insert your reason here)?

Your opportunity is here to let that old story of why you can’t fall away, and write a new story of how you did!

The Small Steps: Great Changes course will show you how to use what you already have to create the life of your dreams and achieve your desired goals with ease.

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The key to this course is it’s structure & accountability. The 12-weeks will allow you to fully integrate all of the techniques and tools you’ll be learning through weekly meetings (part in person, part by phone). Each participant will also be paired with a “buddy” to check in with to receive accountability & support between class meetings.

If you crave lasting change, practice is needed to make new habits second nature that support fulfilling your dreams. The only requirement is you committing to yourself and finally achieving your dreams.

We all have habits. We start picking them up from a very early age, brush-teeth-1672984_1280and really never stop. We have habits around everything we do, say, think, and feel from how we put our pants on and how we brush our teeth, to how we understand and relate to love, finances, health and so on. Habits can be physical, emotional, or mental.

Some of your habits are responsible for all the things you like about your life, the things you want to keep. However, others are responsible for those things in your life you’d like to change, or those areas where you feel you’re lacking.

The great news is habits can be changed!

All those dreams you have for your career, or your relationships, or your health can be reached. You have all you need to make them a reality, even if you’ve tried and failed in the past.

In order to change the habits that keep you missing the mark, you need three things: practice, support, and patience. That’s what this course is offering.

In these 12 weeks, you’ll learn just how powerful you are, and that infinite possibilities await you. You’ll also be learning simple tools and techniques that will help you transform your dreams into reality. You’ll not just learn them, but also put them to use and you will see that they truly work, and can be used with ease.

Here’s what else you’ll walk away with:

  • You will identify your TRUE long-term & short-term goals, those ones you’ve always dreamt of but just felt they were too big or you’ve tried but struggled to reach.
  • You will create a plan for achieving your desired outcomes with speed and ease.
  • You’ll receive personalized support and guidance, including 2-1 hour private sessions with me, to take the exact steps necessary to bring your dreams to fruition. Say adios to procrastination, stuck-ness and overwhelm!
  • After the course you will have a proven template to confidently achieve your future goals without the struggle and doubt.
  • You will have gained powerful tools for moving through roadblocks, bad moods, and feeling stuck. Say hello to true positivity, purpose, and a heavy dose of fun in your life, work, & relationships.
  • In addition you will be a part of a community of like-minded friends to support & motivate you as you continue to grow and create your ideal life.
  • You will understand your power to create the life of your dreams, and know how to use it.

Creating real change is not about resistance, forcing yourself, working hard, or getting your butt kicked. In fact, things tend to happen more quickly when you go with the flow.

As is always the case with new things, you will hit road blocks, and fall back into old patterns. If you’ve ever tried and failed at a diet or exercise program you’ll know what I mean. The difference with this course is that you’ll not only have me as your teacher, your accountability buddy, and the rest of the group to help keep you on track and moving forward, you’ll also have a new perspective on life that will allow you to see everything in a new way, including road blocks. No longer will they be a reason to quit or delay your dreams, rather just another step along your journey toward your ideal life.

In 12 weeks, you’ll find that you’ve moved leaps and bounds on your dreams, farther than you have in years past or maybe ever.

Plus you’ll have a toolbox full of techniques to keep going after the 12 weeks. You’ll have the momentum of what you’ve already accomplished. You’ll have the support of a new group of like-minded classmates who know you and will know how best to support you if you get stuck again. And most importantly you’ll have created new habits – ones that support you in the creation of your dreams, and not the repetition of the past.


Class meets Saturday mornings at 9am beginning March 4 and ending May 20. Most weeks we will alternate meeting in person and meeting by phone. Most meetings will be 2 hours, except for our initial, middle, and final classes, which will be 4 hours.

For our in person classes, we’ll meet at Grace United Methodist Church, close to 42nd St. and University Ave. in the Drake neighborhood of Des Moines.

If you’re ready for lasting change, the kind of change that allows you to dream and achieve those dreams, then make that commitment to yourself now.

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